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Mike Vrabel is officially the new Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans. Jonboy and Jamal give their thoughts on the hire by tackling Vrabel's experience, the process of the hire, and his picks for coordinators and assistants. They also cover the details like Vrabel's personality and what offensive and defensive changes we can expect to see going forward. It's one of the longest episodes in a while so hopefully this one holds the fans over until free agency! It's been another fun year for the Two Tone Crew and we appreciate all your support.

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The Titans season ended with a playoff loss to the New England Patriots. But recent events have made the playoff appearance seem like a distant memory as the Titans parted with Head Coach Mike Mularkey. Jonboy, Jamal, and Scotty discuss the breakdown between Mularkey and General Manager Jon Robinson. This leads to a broader discussion on the state of the team as a whole and where they'll need help going forward.

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Jonboy, Jamal, and Scotty are back to talk about the Titans epic comeback against the Chiefs and the wave of emotions throughout the game. They talk about the game changing plays and how they factored into Mike Mularkey's job status. Finally, the guys preview the Titans upcoming matchup against the defending champions, the New England Patriots. Do the Titans have a chance?

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The Titans defense powered them to victory in a must-win game, sending the franchise to its first playoff appearance in nearly a decade. But the Two Tone Crew hosts can't help but noticing that fan enthusiasm appears lacking. How do the Titans stack up agains tthe Chiefs and would fans feel differently if this was the 2016 Titans? All the while - despite making the playoffs - rumors of potential coaching changes continue to swirl. 

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Sixteen weeks of the NFL season are in the books, and for the Titans postseason hopes, it all comes down to Week 17. They'll meet a division foe with little to play for in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jamal returns to join Jonboy and Scotty in a discussion about fans hoping for a loss, Mularkey's job security, and what an 8-8 playoff berth would mean.

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The once 8-4 Titans are now the 8-6 Titans. With only 2 games to go and stiff competition ahead, the Titans season appears to be in jeopardy. Jonboy and Scotty are back to talk about what went wrong against the 49ers, including how the Titans botched the final three minutes. If they collapse to 8-8, will coaching changes soon follow?

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The Titans lackluster performance against the Cardinals has resulted in some restless co-hosts. Jonboy, Jamal, and Scotty dive deep into the discussion you've been waiting for: what's wrong with Marcus Mariota and the offense? The trio also cover Paul Kuharsky's latest report about Mariota's nagging injuries and how it may require an offseason surgery. In the midst of the offensive turmoil, the playoff race continues. Can the Titans get back on track to save their season?

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The Titans keep winning...but the national media doesn't like what they see. What about fan reactions to the 8-4 Titans? Jonboy, Jamal, and Scotty are back to try and make sense of it all. Are the Titans a "bad" 8-4 team? Do they do anything really well? Regardless, with each win, the playoffs become more and more probable. Can the Titans actually do some damage if they get there?

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The Titans offense continued to sputter in Indy. Fortunately for the Titans, a stout defensive effort combined with a timely Colts mistake helped the team improve to 7-4 on the year. An afternoon loss for the Jags brought the two AFC South foes into a tie atop the division yet again. The playoffs are certainly in sight...but has the season been a success?

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You are what your record says you are...and despite the ups and downs, the Tennessee Titans improved to 6-3 after a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. Say what you want about these Titans, they're resilient and they keep finding ways to win, despite mistakes. Jonboy, Jamal, and Scotty are all back to break down what was another roller coaster game for the Titans. Now the team looks ahead to a primetime matchup against the Steelers with the playoffs in sight.

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